System Design

Effective DAS Systems To Meet Code

Construction Mindset

Nautilus RF makes proactive design a priority.  We understand the jurisdictional code requirements for design for first responder radio systems (BDA).  With an extensive background in construction management, and wireless system integration our team will design each project correctly with a construction mindset from the start.  We aim to set up in-person meetings with the customer and AHJ before the design even begins to ensure that all parties are on the same page and the overall scope of work is agreed upon.  Nautilus RF makes the BDA & DAS system design process easier than ever for the end user and contractor.

iBwave is the industry leader in signal strength prediction software.  iBwave predicts RF propagation analysis to validate our design before deployment.  We use iBwave to design wireless systems which allows us to accurately predict how strong the signal will be throughout the facility and ensures that our design will meet technical and AHJ criteria to provide reliable communications.  Our Permit Submittal packages are signed and sealed by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer.

Nautilus RF Signal Solutions

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