Cellular Enhancement

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), the Fourth Utility

Carrier Approved Solutions

Reliable cell service has become as vital as water, gas and electricity, which is why it’s being called The Fourth Utility. Cell phone users expect to be able to make a call, check e-mail, send text messages and use social media. We rely on our cell phones to work everywhere, especially inside the buildings we enter.

Florida Building Code requires builders to use dense building materials like solid concrete exterior walls and Low-E windows.  These building materials prevent the cell tower’s frequencies from entering the building which creates dead-spots where users cannot communicate.

Nautilus RF provides solutions that are tailor fit to your specific building.  There are several variables that will determine the best solution for your facility including square footage, urban development and project timeline. We offer solutions that are Carrier Approved which can greatly reduce the project timeline and, in many cases, allows us to complete system installation and turn-up within weeks instead of months.

Nautilus RF

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